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Films and Series

The world’s greatest period dramas all in one place, all in HD and all premium . Great stories from our past told in a modern, compelling way. Stories of great events, great people and great drama but also stories of passion, betrayal, loves and losses that drove these men and women. This is drama made Epic.

A 24/7 HD movie channel, showcasing the best of the European movie world; top-notch films with impact, variety, passion, character, and so much more. MY CINEMA EUROPE Premium movie service covers new releases, box-office hits, award winners, festival hits and great classics among others.

Is a 24/7 HD movie channel, showcasing the wealth of the Asian movie world; top-notch films with character, passion, action, impact and so much more… Best of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian and other Asian countries’ cinemas.

Is the distinguished selection of European movies and series and other programmes focused on European culture and heritage.

ROMANCE TV is one of the most popular movie and series TV channel. Not only women but also all romantics are the most enthusiastic viewers of ROMANCE TV.

The best and most popular Japanese and Korean mangas and animes.

Documentaries, Life-Style, Entertainment

A channel developed by one of the biggest media groups VIASAT WORLD. Airs selected top quality history documentaries as well as exciting docudramas. Far best in its category.

A channel full of excitement… Adventure, explorations, impossible voyages, unbelievable events, outdoor sports…

A channel developed by one of the biggest media groups VIASAT WORLD. Airs selected top quality nature documentaries.

Family friendly and delivered in the highest quality, LOVE NATURE is a new brand that connects you to the beauty and wonder of nature.

Is a TV channel with programs including exercises and practical tips to help you live better. It tells about people, places, news inspiring us to live a life that is better, happier and more zen. It’s a life coaching channel.

The first TV channel entirely dedicated to the visual arts satisfying amateurs and passionate audience through a fun and accessible tone. Entertainment, stories, and information for everyone who has ever been to an exhibition.

An international food channel with exceptional production values and sophisticated storytelling. With hundreds hours of proprietary content, offers a culturally diverse lineup that is feat for the eyes.

Is a lifestyle channel about the world of coffee. Entertaining you with flavourful aromatic stories around the little coffee beans. Guiding you with skilled advices on all aspects of coffee making.


Is the first global entertainment channel dedicated to the lives of stars in the world of sports. Thanks to its unique behind-the-scenes access to athletes, TRACE SPORT STARS offers an intimate and in-depth understanding of champions’ lifes 24/7. You will learn everything about your favourite sport stars.

Europe’s leading creator, producer and operator of automotive-themed television and entertainment. 7/24 international channel dedicated to the wold of automobiles, motorcycles. Premium content including exclusive broadcasts and live streams.

E-SPORTS REVOLUTION is a 24/7 e-Sports channel which originates from the United States with distribution points around the world.

Real Madrid TV has been broadcasting a 24 hour service since 2005. The channel is the best place for Real Madrid supporters and football fans who want to be close to all the action at the biggest club in world football. The latest news, best behind the scenes footage and most exclusive interviews can be found on Real Madrid TV.


Mezzo is the perfect introduction to classical music, opera, ballet, jazz and dance.

Mezzo Live HD gives you access to the greatest international venues from all around the world; opera houses, concert halls, festivals, dance theaters, jazz clubs…

Is the #1 international urban music channel. Gives a unique insight into urban music and culture and airs the most popular urban music genres focusing on the latest in R&B and hip-hop. Combines top urban music videos, exclusive interviews of urban celebrities and original features related to urban culture…

Is the only channel dedicated to Caribbean cultures and music. This channel is for all lovers of music from French-speaking and English speaking Caribbean countries and territories.

TRACE Caribbean offers a unique mix of the greatest Caribbean hits: ZOUK, SOCA, CALYPSO, KOMPA, HIP HOP, REGGAE, DANCEHALL, and many more!

Features music videos of the best contemporary African music hits and exclusive specials and documentaries. Provides a unique combination of the best African artists from all over Africa. From Kwaito House to Coupé-Décalé, from Afro-Pop and Rumba to Ndombolo, whether they are from English, Portuguese or French African genres.


DreamWorks Channel, commonly known as DreamWorks, is owned and operated by the NBCUniversal International Networks division of NBCUniversal. Airs award winning series from the biggest children animation producer DreamWorks Animation. Featuring beloved characters from the Dreamworks hit movies. Hundreds hour of shows with all family appeal.

The Channel’s mission is to explore the animal world in ways that are entertaining, interactive and enriching; creating a safe environment to stimulate young minds and bodies. A cast of funny, furry characters help pre-schoolers develop a knowledge and affection for animals, leading to a lifelong love of conservation.

Provides children aged of 3-7, quality, fun and comprehensive programs on learning skills development and preparing to school through multi-platform support and help them to “Grow Smart”.